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State-of-the-Art Transmission Repair

Auto Repair - Transmission Repair

Ensure your vehicle runs at optimum performance with Advances Transmission Specialists of Streamwood, Illinois. Our locally-owned-and-operated company offers complete transmission repairs and engine diagnostics that keep your car working perfectly.

Building Trust

Our staff knows that choosing a mechanic begins with trust. We live up to that responsibility and pride ourselves on making sure each customer is given all the information necessary to make an informed decision about repairing their vehicle. Not every problem requires a transmission rebuild, and we always place your needs and budget first.

Comprehensive Support

If you are having trouble with your engine or shifting gears, we are here to help. We service and repair all foreign and domestic cars and trucks in the
following areas:

• Transmissions
• Differentials
• Computers
• Drive Trains
• Axles
• Drive Shafts
• Boots
• Clutches

Contact us for engine and transmission repair services that are sure to save you money and hassle.